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A Therapeutic Art Program For Anxiety Relief

    ~Discover the wonders of observation & drawing~

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I love this photo! It shows me in my best state, happy!

I wish I could live in this state permanently, but as the human being that I am, my mood varies... often. These variations had depended mainly in the “ability” I though I had to control situations, specially outcomes...  It took me years to finally admit I had never been in control over anybody, nor anything but myself & my decisions… controlling others, let alone outcomes had always been a dream… a bad one.

After my Bachelor degree in Graphic Design, I worked in advertising, apparel, decorative candle company and with USAID funded programs in El Salvador and Iraq.


I discovered Surface Pattern Design & through the years I have exhibited my work in international trade shows. I have seen my work on products ranging from party supplies, greeting cards, journals, umbrellas, puzzles, wall art, fashion and dinner wear. I have been blessed with a dream job & am currently represented by an active & kind agent that encourages me to tap into my talent on a daily basis.

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